The joys of Children!


I love being a mummy, its a term i still haven’t quite come to terms with, as i don’t feel like a mother, i just feel like i get to experience and enjoy this child, love and care for him, play games with him, make him laugh and soothe him when he is upset. The feeling you get when your child is upset and all it takes is your arms wrapped around them and in an instance, they are calm, its a feeling like no other.  I have had so many people say to me, “uh children ain’t for me, i don’t every want to have a child” and all i can feel is pity for them, they have no idea the joy you can have from children. I don’t no whether it is that i have just been blessed with this funny, entertaining child, who only plays up every now or again, or whether its how i was raised or the way i think, But there is something kinda magical about being a mother. I was in the super market the other day, Issac was strapped into the trolley and the length of about 5 aisles he gave me the cutest little kisses no stop and had the biggest smile on his face , it was so adorable, and then we walked to the super market a few days later and on the walk home he grabbed my hand, pulled so we could stop and said mama and kissed my knuckles, it was adorable and thank everyday that i was given him.


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