Sun is shining!


We have had amazing weather over the past 2 days , loving it, issac has learnt some new words such as ” what is it” and ”whats that” it is very exciting , i am going to begin toilet training over the weekend .. wish me luck !

Lesson learn tonight


Being a mother, you learn something new each and everyday, and no mother or father can call them selves perfect, we all strive to be perfect parents, but in reality we will only be the best we can be for our child, and every child is different, there needs change and as a parent we have to adapt a new way to suit what works for them and what works for us. As a mother who is caring for her child alone and full time studying i depend on order, a time schedule, that needs to be maintained so my son get my full attention when he is awake and i get to study when he is asleep, as i always have an exam coming up, essay or presentation due.


In the past few weeks my son who has been an angle at putting him self to bed at between 6pm -6.45pm at the latest for the past 4 months has decided that he wants to stay up much later till 9pm, and spends his entire time sneaking out of bed, which with study isn’t good for me, so tonight after i put him to bed at 7pm, read him to stories and said i loved him and tucked him in, he spends the entire time sneaking out, after 30mins of back and forth, back and forth putting him back down, enough was enough for the very first time every, i put him to bed and shut his door, and as soon as i shut the door he stopped crying and went to bed ! uhh its all about trial and era isn’t it.

Time to hit the book :)