After Dinner Mint Truffles



A friend of mine gave me this recipe, haven’t tried them yet but can wait until i do.

After Dinner Mint Truffles

Makes 25


230g packet of sponge cake- coarsely chopped

60g nestle aero peppermint choc- coarsely chopped to be melted

1T Kahlua

35g nestle aero peppermint choc- coarsely chopped

187.5g packet dark choc melts

Extra peppermint choc, finely crushed to decorate



1) Process cake in food processor until becomes fine crumbs.

2) Place aero peppermint choc in a heated bowl over a saucepan half filled with simmering water (make sure bowl doesn’t touch the water). Stir with a metal spoon until choc melts and is smooth.

3) Add the melted aero choc, coarsely chopped peppermint choc and Kahlua to the cake crumbs. Process until well combined.

4) Line a tray with non-stick baking paper. Roll 2t of the mixture into balls and place on the tray. Place in the fridge for 30mins. Meanwhile, melt the dark choc, stirring with a metal spoon until it is smooth.

5) Dip the truffles in the melted choc to coat, remove excess choc and place on a lined tray.

6) Top each truffle with some of the extra peppermint crisp and set aside until set.

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