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Make you own strip wax at home :)


Strip wax making , First you will need 1 pot , 1 spoon, 2 cups of sugar , 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup of honey 2: Put all the ingredients in the pot and over a low heat bring to the boil, its give and take on the time but i […]

I made this very cool funky cushion cover today ;)


I found my self in spotlight today , found this funky fabric and decided hmmm new cushion cover!! and its awesome it has spiced up my living room, now to get creating some more

After Dinner Mint Truffles


  A friend of mine gave me this recipe, haven’t tried them yet but can wait until i do. After Dinner Mint Truffles Makes 25 Ingredients 230g packet of sponge cake- coarsely chopped 60g nestle aero peppermint choc- coarsely chopped to be melted 1T Kahlua 35g nestle aero peppermint choc- coarsely chopped 187.5g packet dark […]

Macadamia, Apricot and White Chocolate Truffles


A friend of mine chelsea gave me this recipe, yet to make them but they sound yummy !!   Macadamia, Apricot and White Chocolate Truffles Makes 25 Ingredients ¼ C chopped dried apricots 1T brandy (or brandy essence) 150g White choc melts 15g Butter ¼ C sweetened condensed milk 30g chopped macadamia nuts ¼ C […]

Ginger Cream Truffles


A friend of mine chelsea gave me this recipe …yet to make them but they sounds super yummy Ginger Cream Truffles Makes 20 Ingredients ½ packet (10) ginger nuts 150g cream cheese ½ C icing sugar 1t ground ginger ½ C crystallized ginger (chopped) 1 x 375g packet dark choc melts   Method 1)      Place […]

Best buttermilk pancakes


  Best buttermilk pancakes     Total time 15 minutes Servings 6 Courses Brunch Ready in 15 minutes, serves 4 to 6. These are so good they should be banned! It’s the sour cream that makes them extra special – you can remove if desired and they still work well. 2 cups flour 2 tbsp […]

Fresh mango and vanilla cake…..yummy


Fresh mango and vanilla cake   Meal Type Cake Courses Dessert Ready in 1 hour and 20 minutes, makes 1 x 20cm cake. If you’ve never baked a cake, this is a great “no fail” recipe to start your baking career with. Apart from slicing the mango, all the remaining ingredients are stirred together in […]

Sun is shining!


We have had amazing weather over the past 2 days , loving it, issac has learnt some new words such as ” what is it” and ”whats that” it is very exciting , i am going to begin toilet training over the weekend .. wish me luck !

Bits and Piece’s: Great idea’s


Pass my fillings exam !


Pass my interproximal filling exam today yay!

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