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Pass my fillings exam !


Pass my interproximal filling exam today yay!



I want another baby so badly…… it seems to be all i think about! and i think its because i am full time studying that it doesnt make any sense to have another while i am studying, and that i should wait till i finish in 2 years time, but its killing me ! i […]

Passed my exam


Yay passed my mid-sem exam i thought i was going to fail ! Stocked great way to end the weekend No study for Mondays tooth morphology exam.

Beautiful day in Dunedin today!


Got up at 6am, cranked the 60’s music opened up the windows and let in the fresh air! cleaned the house , done the washing, feed issac, feed myself, done the dishes, re cleaned the house, hung out washing, re-vacuumed thanks to issac, changed issac took him to the park to play for an hour, till […]

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