I want another baby so badly…… it seems to be all i think about! and i think its because i am full time studying that it doesnt make any sense to have another while i am studying, and that i should wait till i finish in 2 years time, but its killing me ! i am baby mad right now !

Passed my exam


Yay passed my mid-sem exam i thought i was going to fail ! Stocked great way to end the weekend ;) No study for Mondays tooth morphology exam.

Beautiful day in Dunedin today!


Got up at 6am, cranked the 60’s music opened up the windows and let in the fresh air! cleaned the house , done the washing, feed issac, feed myself, done the dishes, re cleaned the house, hung out washing, re-vacuumed thanks to issac, changed issac took him to the park to play for an hour, till he could no longer be bothered to walk, baked some lamb chops for lunch yummy, put issac down for a nap now study time :)

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Check out this chicky babe, amazing trainer!


Fantastic work out, and great when you need a quick work out or full body job !

Train insane or remain the same!

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The joys of Children!


I love being a mummy, its a term i still haven’t quite come to terms with, as i don’t feel like a mother, i just feel like i get to experience and enjoy this child, love and care for him, play games with him, make him laugh and soothe him when he is upset. The feeling you get when your child is upset and all it takes is your arms wrapped around them and in an instance, they are calm, its a feeling like no other.  I have had so many people say to me, “uh children ain’t for me, i don’t every want to have a child” and all i can feel is pity for them, they have no idea the joy you can have from children. I don’t no whether it is that i have just been blessed with this funny, entertaining child, who only plays up every now or again, or whether its how i was raised or the way i think, But there is something kinda magical about being a mother. I was in the super market the other day, Issac was strapped into the trolley and the length of about 5 aisles he gave me the cutest little kisses no stop and had the biggest smile on his face , it was so adorable, and then we walked to the super market a few days later and on the walk home he grabbed my hand, pulled so we could stop and said mama and kissed my knuckles, it was adorable and thank everyday that i was given him.


Lesson learn tonight


Being a mother, you learn something new each and everyday, and no mother or father can call them selves perfect, we all strive to be perfect parents, but in reality we will only be the best we can be for our child, and every child is different, there needs change and as a parent we have to adapt a new way to suit what works for them and what works for us. As a mother who is caring for her child alone and full time studying i depend on order, a time schedule, that needs to be maintained so my son get my full attention when he is awake and i get to study when he is asleep, as i always have an exam coming up, essay or presentation due.


In the past few weeks my son who has been an angle at putting him self to bed at between 6pm -6.45pm at the latest for the past 4 months has decided that he wants to stay up much later till 9pm, and spends his entire time sneaking out of bed, which with study isn’t good for me, so tonight after i put him to bed at 7pm, read him to stories and said i loved him and tucked him in, he spends the entire time sneaking out, after 30mins of back and forth, back and forth putting him back down, enough was enough for the very first time every, i put him to bed and shut his door, and as soon as i shut the door he stopped crying and went to bed ! uhh its all about trial and era isn’t it.

Time to hit the book :)

Chocolate fudge muffins with berries


Delicious, made them this avo , AMAZING ! i went from having a flat stomach this morning to looking 6 months pregnant ! they are that good , Recipe from amazing cup cake and muffins book i got from my mother inlaw by Ann Nicol , But i changed it a little

125 gm butter

125 caster sugar

2 eggs

25g cocoa powder

175g flour

2 tsp baking powder

50 g chocolate chips or i use cooking chocolate chopped up into chunks

preheat over to 200 degrees, place 10 large muffin liners in muffin trays, I have an amazing electric cake mixer so i

place sugar, butter and eggs into the bowl and creamed, then shifted in dry ingredients (except chocolate ) beating for 2 minutes

then folded in chocolate and spooned into muffin liners, place a few berries any kind on top and placed into oven,

I at this stage turned down oven to 180, and baked for 20 minutes. Yummy


Cook O’clock !!


I love baking! and its that time again!


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